Top 5 personalised beauty innovations

Apr 22, 2021

GDR Innovation Strategist Charlie Lloyd identifies five beauty brands who are leveraging innovative technologies to personalise their product offerings.

Over the past weeks and months we’ve seen a real uptick at GDR in beauty innovations centred on hyper-personalisation. In our recent C-Series article on health and wellness innovations during the pandemic, we explored how Covid-19 has increased consumer demand for health-tracking and diagnostic services, and this appetite for prescriptive products that meet the specific needs of each customer has extended to skin health too. At the same time, new technologies are emerging that enable brands to create entirely personalised products for their customers rather than simply helping them to identify the closest match from a fixed range.

In this article we’ll showcase the best examples we’ve unearthed from beauty brands around the world who are using cutting edge tools, from artificial intelligence to medical diagnostics to provide hyper-personalised beauty regimes and product formulations to their customers.


Skin Trust Club

Skin Trust Club is a new skincare service from Labskin that matches consumers to the most appropriate skincare products for their skin based on a swab that is used to map their skin microbiome. Skin Trust Club sends a swab kit to the customer, which they complete at home and send back to the lab. The swabs are then analysed and the customer’s skin microbiome is mapped. The customer is then given a unique skin profile, which they can access via the Skin Trust Club’s app.

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Beiersdorf has launched O.W.N, a skincare brand that uses a proprietary algorithm to create personalised formulas for each customer. Consumers are invited to answer a questionnaire online to provide the brand with information about their skincare type and needs. O.W.N’s artificial intelligence will then create formulas for a personalised range of products that meet the customer’s specific needs, from a total of 380,000 possible formula combinations.

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Luxury skincare brand IOPE has opened its new flagship store in Seoul offering customers a raft of high-tech skincare services. IOPE LAB allows customers to “receive scientific measurements for their skin with a skin specialists and state-of-the-art devices and obtain precise skin solutions”. While IOPE’s mainline product offering is sold in-store, just one of the space’s five storeys is dedicated to displaying product. Furthermore, two of the storeys are not for customers at all; here, the space is dedicated exclusively to scientific research around skincare.

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Dcypher is a personalised direct-to-consumer foundation brand that promises to give customers exactly what they want, while simplifying the retail supply chain. Customers can choose between millions of different shades before selecting their coverage and finish preferences. Dcypher then uses AI diagnostics to create what it refers to as a “true-to-you” formulation in a number of minutes.

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Algorithmic Perfumery

Algorithmic Perfumery is a Dutch fragrance brand that makes personalised fragrances for its customers based on their preferences and the image they want to project to the world. The process starts with the customer filling out a questionnaire, before the company’s proprietary algorithms and AI creates a unique fragrance for them. Algorithmic Perfumery has a “Living Lab” in Breda where customers can fill out the questionnaire in person and watch their fragrance being made, but the brand also has an app allowing users to create their personalised scent wherever they are.

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