Happy Christmas from everyone at GDR

Dec 17, 2020

As we wind down for the holidays and prepare for 2021, we wanted to share some inspirational seasonal content with you, from brands and innovators who are doing things a little bit differently this Christmas. See GDR’s 12 Days of Christmas below.

It’s been an extraordinary year and doubtless will be very challenging next year too, but it was also a time of great transformation, agile innovation and responsive entrepreneurship.

We have also made changes at GDR this year; by launching our GDR Foresight Festival, The GDR Assembly Panel and In Conversation With.. podcasts. In response to the Pandemic, we created a dedicated space on our platform for The Covid Response, where we curated the most exciting and important Covid-related case studies as they happened from across the globe. (We now have hundreds of examples that are well worth reviewing if you haven’t already seen them.)

We hope that you have enjoyed all of this content and found some useful ideas, trends, or inspiration for your brand and business.


GDR’s 12 Days of Christmas

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