GDR Assembly Interview 5: Alibaba’s Mei Chen

May 06, 2021

Our very special guest for the return of the GDR Assembly Interview series is Mei Chen, Alibaba’s head of fashion and luxury in the UK, Spain and Northern Europe.

In a fascinating hour-long discussion, Mei talks to GDR’s head of strategy Eric Coulon about how Western brands can tap into Chinese ecommerce and luxury markets, and why Alibaba believes physical stores will still have a role to play in the New Retail of the future. Amongst many other topics touched upon, Mei also gives her top tips about how to host a successful livestream event and how to best engage with KOLs (key opinion leaders).

Listen above, or click here to visit our Soundcloud page.

Alibaba’s media arm Alizila has recently released a series of videos that bring to life some of the innovations that Mei discusses in the interview. Click here to watch the video, How the Chinese Shop Luxury Online.


The GDR Assembly

Illustration by Louis Loizou


The GDR Assembly is our cross-sector panel of world class thought leaders who are working alongside GDR’s in-house Business Futurists to provide perspective about how the world is evolving in response to Covid-19. Eric’s interview with Mei will be the first of a new series of interviews leading up to the publication of our second GDR Assembly Report, which brings together the opinions of the GDR Assembly panel. Click here for more information and get in touch with to find out about our bespoke GDR Assembly reports, which use the panel’s collective wisdom to answer your company’s key questions.


The Assembly Interview Series

This GDR Assembly Interview series is designed to introduce you to our brilliant international Assembly panel members. Listen to all of our Assembly Interviews by clicking here.


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