Exploring the possibilities of The Metaverse in GDR Assembly Interview 6

Jun 23, 2021

GDR’s head of strategy Eric Coulon talks to Andy Ku, CEO and founder of gaming and digital fashion experts Unmateriality, about the development of The Metaverse and the opportunities it presents for brands.



In the intriguing discussion, Andy defines what is meant by The Metaverse and illustrates how it has revolutionised the omnichannel shopping experience, and why brands must have a dual presence in the physical and digital worlds. He also delves into how consumer behaviour in The Metaverse compares with interactions in real life, and explains why he sees Unmateriality’s ADA virtual fashion game as a 3D version of Shopify mixed with Instagram.

Watch the video above, or by clicking here.


The GDR Assembly

Illustration by Louis Loizou www.louisloizou.design


The GDR Assembly is our cross-sector panel of world class thought leaders who are working alongside GDR’s in-house Business Futurists to provide perspective about how the world is evolving in response to Covid-19. Eric’s conversation with Andy is the latest interview leading up to the publication of our second GDR Assembly Report, which brings together the opinions of the GDR Assembly panel. Click here for more information and get in touch with rachel@gdruk.com to find out about our bespoke GDR Assembly reports, which use the panel’s collective wisdom to answer your company’s key questions.


The Assembly Interview Series

This GDR Assembly Interview series is designed to introduce you to our brilliant international Assembly panel members. Listen to all of our Assembly Interviews by clicking here.

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