Edible beauty: five product launches highlighting one of 2021’s hot new trends

Feb 11, 2021

GDR Innovation Strategist Charlie Lloyd explores some of the food and drink products claiming to have cosmetic benefits.

Brands have been moving beyond the purely nutritional benefits of food and drink products for some time; as wellness has become a key priority for consumers in recent years we’ve seen an explosion in food and drink products positioned to boost consumers’ moods, help them sleep and, more recently, improve cognitive function.

Now, food and drink brands are expanding their remits further by moving into the beauty space, positioning new products as beauty supplements because of their skincare benefits. This trend is developing rapidly in China – the edible beauty market is set to value $3.7bn by next year – and some of the product launches we’ve seen in 2021 so far suggest that the West is cottoning on quickly too. I’ve identified five examples recently added to GDR’s Insight platform that give us a taste of what’s to come.



Glico-owned food brand Pejoy has launched a “beauty snacks” range with products that are said to satisfy hunger, while making your skin glow. The company has created a new range of its indulgent biscuit and breadstick brand Pejoy, which focuses on health and beauty. The new breadstick products are flavoured with different fruits and contain niacinamide, a form of vitamin B thought to have skin brightening effects.

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US drinks brand Flow has launched a line of collagen-infused waters positioned as a beauty supplement. Flow’s drinks are naturally alkaline and are said to have a range of health benefits from boosting immunity to better hydration and anti-aging. The new range, which contains ‘grass-fed collagen’, moves the brand into the beauty space through the benefits to the skin associated with the protein.

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Skincare supplement brand Xiaoxiandun and ice cream company Chicecream have collaborated on a new ice cream product that puts a modern twist on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ice cream pops are enhanced with collagen and have a creamy filling of freshly stewed bird’s nest in the middle, which is a jelly-textured delicacy long regarded as a magic skin-healing food in TCM.

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LifeFuels is a new functional drinks brand centred on its smart bottle and a range of pods that can be mixed and matched by the customer to create drinks with different functional benefits. Pods are available in a range of flavours and functionalities. Consumers can choose ones rich in multivitamins, antioxidants or collagen, or choose pods catering to specific needs or occasions, such as ‘immunity’, ‘high energy’ or ‘pre-workout’.

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Kencko is a smoothie mix subscription service that gives its subscribers access to professional nutritionists at no extra cost. Aligning its range with the wellness movement, its flavour variants are given names referring to different types of healing crystals, including ambers (for ‘repair’), aquamarines (for ‘endurance’), and corals (for ‘performance’). Each of these variants are further grouped according to different goals: focus, endurance and beauty.

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