Offering theatre and memorable customer experiences, London’s Regent Street is one of the world’s top retail destinations.

Managed by The Crown Estate as part of their £11.5 billion property portfolio, elevating and maintaining the physical stores’ proposition is paramount.

Whether it is across the pages of GDR’s Global Innovation Report or seeing first-hand through our field expeditions, GDR showcases the disruptions in retail that matter. As a result, The Crown Estate is able to consider the retailers who are not only relevant now but who will continue to excite the high street in years to come.

Recent insights from our senior consultants have included the positive impact of café society and extended dwell time on customer spend, while GDR’s research team have explored best-in-class retail and hospitality in destinations as diverse as Tokyo and Amsterdam. We have also advised The Crown Estate on long-term and pop-up experiential food retail, and placemaking within the context of traditional English menswear.

“GDR’s eye for best-in-class innovation allows our clients in retail and hospitality to steer the future of their sector. We help them respond to the rapidly changing needs and expectations of their customers.”

Will Seymour, Senior Consultant





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