GDR helps Hilton Hotels & Resorts to align innovation strategies across 100 countries and a portfolio of over 4,600 hotels.

Providing consultancy to key decision-makers at the largest hotel chain in the world, GDR opens up new ways of thinking to accelerate progress.

Our internal conferences and quarterly sessions unite not only the senior team but also provide property managers with executional ideas. By contextualising the need for change, teams gain foresight to shape projects both in the short-term and the years to come.

In addition, GDR provides more specialist research and smaller group sessions to the executive team. Topics that we have addressed include the implementation of augmented reality, experiential pop-ups, and how to support the customer’s decision-making process at home and in-store.

“In order for brands to stay relevant and be part of customers’ evolving life narratives, innovation is crucial. GDR brings teams together, kick-starts their imaginations and galvanises the change that makes the shareholders happy.”

Kate Ancketill, CEO





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