“It’s time to totally change the way our town centres work”

Aug 21, 2020

GDR CEO Kate Ancketill joined BBC Radio 4 current affairs show You and Yours to talk about shopping centres of the future.

Discussing the proposed £400 million redevelopment of the Nicholsons Shopping Centre in Maidenhead by Areli Real Estate, Kate explained how the over-extension of chain retail has removed the character, history and heart from many UK town centres.

Despite the pandemic exacerbating the problems of the high street by reducing footfall and accelerating store closures, Kate has an optimistic view of the future. She believes now is the time to “totally change the way our town centres work” by reducing the amount of retail and introducing more green space and facilities that integrate with ecommerce.

Listen to the full clip below and get in touch with rachel@gdruk.com if you want to find out how we help brands, retailers and business operators plan for the future.

Copyright: BBC (audio) and Areli Real Estate (image)

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