The Wellness Stretch

Jul 01, 2021

GDR’s Managing Editor John O’Sullivan explores the unexpected innovations that are pushing wellness into new products and categories.

According to The Global Wellness Institute, the wellness economy is currently valued at just below $5 trillion worldwide, meaning it now accounts for more than 5% of global economic output.

In recent years wellness has become a core element of the hospitality industry, while beauty and food & beverage brands have strongly pivoted towards better-for-you and functional ingredients. We’ve also seen mental wellness starting to be viewed with the same level of importance as the physical equivalent.

In this article I’ll highlight five recent innovations that pull wellness into unexpected new products and categories. The examples span across different categories from home and personal care products to dating apps and even linen. This suggests to us that, no matter what sector your company operates in, it is now essential that you are exploring all of the ways your product offer and service provisions can support and enhance the physical and mental health and wellness of your customers.


Forest Lungs

Forest Lungs is a fragrance from The Nue Co. designed to alleviate stress. Fragrances traditionally exist to provide an attractive scent for the wearer and others, but Forest Lungs has firmly framed its new fragrance around the wearer’s wellbeing at a time when consumers are spending more time alone and the pandemic has put a strain on their mental health.

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The Laundress x Aromatherapy Support

Home care brand The Laundress has partnered with Aromatherapy Associates to create a range of cleaning products that have aromatherapeutic qualities. The range includes laundry detergent, surface cleaner and dish soap, which offer a range of functional benefits, from assisting sleep and reconnecting customers with nature to improving clarity of mind.

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Garrett Leight The Naples Sun

US-based eyewear brand Garrett Leight has partnered with lens company ZEISS to launch a limited-edition collection of sunglasses with mood-altering lenses. The Naples Sun sunglasses have ZEISS BioChrom lenses in three different colours, each of which is claimed to influence the wearer’s mood in a different way. The different lenses claim to boost physical performance, improve alertness and induce a calming effect.

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Linen brand Resoré has launched with two eco-friendly products that toe the line between the homeware and beauty sectors. Its premium face and bath towels are said to actively fight against anti-ageing and skin conditions like acne. According to the brand, its products’ functional benefits derive from their “unique blend of antibacterial, eco-friendly fibres.”

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Hinge Pre-Date Meditations

Dating app Hinge has partnered with Headspace to offer users meditation sessions to curb pre-date jitters. Two different meditations are available within the Hinge app, both lasting about five minutes. Pre-Date Nerves is designed to calm people who are feeling nervous ahead of their date, while Your Inner Voice aims to make users feel positive and to silence any self-critical thoughts.

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