Talking to shop windows: Ted Baker’s ‘Mission Impeccable’

Oct 05, 2016

For its Autumn/Winter-16/17 collection luxury fashion brand Ted Baker has released a multi-channel marketing and shopping campaign tied to its British identity. GDR Innovation Researcher Fraser Scarlett bagged himself a free shave… 

Launched on the 7th September, Ted Baker’s ‘Mission Impeccable’ campaign demonstrates an awareness of how digital natives engage with their favourite brands. Aside from the familiar push towards a strong brand-identity, Ted Baker has used Google’s voice-search technology, social media and an interactive video to create a novel multi-channel campaign.

A scene from the shoppable 'Mission Impeccable' film

A scene from the shoppable ‘Mission Impeccable’ film

A short film, produced with the help of Guy Ritchie and Crown & Owls, was released on the 7th September. Featuring a cast of spies and bad guys, the cliché-filled 4-minute flick is also a shopping experience. By engaging with the narrative, viewers can click on characters in the film to add their outfit to an online basket to purchase online. We’ve seen shoppable videos for some time – we covered Target’s soap opera in 2012, and YouTube has offered the facility since 2015 (see an example from e-retailer Very below) – but the Ted Baker system is slicker and sits comfortably with the brand’s style and attitude.

The campaign extends to the street. Those who find themselves outside one of Ted Baker’s stores, can engage with new interactive windows. You access free rewards by activating your phone’s Google voice search and speaking the sartorial spy phrase written on the shop window. Google’s sophisticated software ensures that the whole process works smoothly. When I tried it out I received a free shave at Ted’s Grooming Room. A reasonable reward for the embarrassment of speaking to a window in the middle of a city street.


A shoppable window in London's Charlotte Street store

A shoppable window in London’s Charlotte Street store

Ted Baker’s Instagram and Facebook were also hacked by the fictional villain of the film. ‘The Needle’ leaks out information for the general public to decipher and earn rewards. One post, for example, shows GPS coordinates of Ted Baker agents. Users who find the agents and post the correct street name are entered into a prize draw.


Now that shoppers are more technologically adept, brands have the option to become more creative in their marketing. Ted Baker succeeds because it gets its customers to interact in innovative and entertaining ways. And the individual approach sits perfectly with the campaign concept; the best fashion retailer for the spy.

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