Rachel Wilkinson promoted to GDR Managing Director

Mar 09, 2020

We’re delighted to announce that Rachel Wilkinson has been promoted to Managing Director at GDR Creative Intelligence. 

Since joining the company almost a year ago as Global Client Director, Rachel’s dynamism and professionalism has opened doors to new sectors and cemented relationships with key accounts.

GDR founder and CEO Kate Ancketill says: “Rachel’s years on the agency-side for Vivid Brand and Arc at Publicis London, as well as her previous client expertise in retail, brand and licensing, have given her an industry-leading understanding of what clients need, and how the top priority in any business is to build a world-class team. She’s a stickler for efficient work processes, over-delivering for clients, and accepts nothing but the best in demanding exceptional quality of work from our consultants, strategists and futurists.

“I’m confident that Rachel’s astute commercial focus and dynamic leadership will steer GDR forward to ever greater success.

“I will remain an active CEO in GDR alongside the management team.”

Rachel says: “As a client I admired GDR’s incredible ability to find and share the most interesting cutting edge innovations and trends from around the globe. But GDR’s real secret weapons are the Business Futurists, who provide the analysis, strategic insight and recommendations to help our clients to identify commercial opportunities or business solutions that make a difference to their bottom line. The ability to cut through the noise and clearly see the diamond in the haystack is what really sets GDR apart.

“I’m proud to lead this intelligent team of experts, whose constantly enquiring brains advance our knowledge and expertise every single day, on a truly diverse range of topics and sectors. They all contribute so much to our business and help us to convey complex thoughts clearly and succinctly to our clients all over the world.”

To find out more about the GDR team, click here.

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