“What are we most proud of? Bringing a Brazilian hip-hop legend back to life” – GDR meets CUBOCC/FLAGCX

Nov 11, 2016

Creative agency CUBOCC/FLAGCX has designed the cover for the latest GDR Innovation Report. With offices in Brazil and New York, their clients include global brands and market leaders such as Google, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Nestle, Netflix, among others. GDR Innovation Researcher Lamorna Byford talked to their CEO Roberto Martini about the agency and their design.

The cover design for the GDR Global Innovation Report 62

The cover design for the GDR Global Innovation Report 62


We are a mashup of over 300 makers & thinkers, doers, dreamers, designers and storytellers, technologists and humanists, who aim to come together to make a difference not only in business, but in society at large. We honor that commitment with a constant infusion of knowledge, culture and self-awareness, in a process that creates mind-blowing experiences that open people’s minds to let the new in.

Most agencies claim to have a ‘unique approach’ or an added dimension that differentiates them from their competitors. Is there anything that you think genuinely marks you out from the crowd?

We model ourselves on a living organism. CUBOCC/FLAGCX operates like a true lab where, every year, new solutions and products are meticulously designed to solve some of the newest challenges brands will face in the upcoming years, while others are incentivised to reconfigure as the landscape evolves. The key for us is not just to adapt, but to do it extremely fast as market conditions shift.

We love to play with high-end technologies found in other domains of science and bring them into the world of brand experiences and communication. We’ve been the first in the world to use a bunch of technologies that sounded crazy at the time, like augmented reality, 360° movies, high end 3D games for browsers or generative/dynamic video content. Now these technologies are the accepted path to follow for conversion efficacy and much stronger emotional bonds with consumers, and we can’t seem to stop playing with anything new that emerges.

Roberto Martini, CEO of CUBOCC/FLAGCX

What work are you most proud of and why? 
Always the next project. At the moment we’re producing some very interesting work in partnership with Spotify, which consists of re-creating the consciousness of a Brazilian Hip Hop legend, called Sabotage, who died 12 years ago. We’re using artificial intelligence and neural networks in partnership with RZO, the rap group that helped to propel Sabotage to success, to write a new original song to launch on the platform.

“Challenging the brief should be the aim, not just meeting it”- GDR meets creative agency BOND 

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