Promoting Purposeful Retail with The DO School

Jun 06, 2019

We’re delighted to announce that GDR has been supporting The DO School’s project to promote Purposeful Retail.

The DO School is a global organisation made up of “a community of purposeful DOers, innovators, and experts” from more than 100 different countries, who are united by the belief that retail can be used as a vehicle to promote positive change in society.

We’re pleased to reveal that this year we have been working with the organisation’s Steering Committee to help it define what Purposeful Retail means in 2019.

For the last few months The Do School has been conducting a series of interviews and collaborations with forward-thinking brands, such as H&M, IKEA and Hermes Otto-International, as well as a selection of entrepreneurs and agencies with positive views about the role of innovation.

This included a video webinar with Angela Gallenz, the Head of HR for H&M Germany, and GDR’s SVP Global Innovation Alex Sbardella exploring how physical stores in the future will mostly be smaller, but with a closer connection to the community around them.

You can watch the video here:


Later this month on June 27th The DO School is hosting an event called Purposeful Retail Unveiled, where it will share the insights it has extracted from its sessions this year. GDR SVP Global Innovation James Mullan will be one of the headline speakers at the event. He’ll be building on the conversation between Alex and Angela Gallenz and talking about the future role of the physical store, and how brands and retailers can use their physical spaces to prove their purpose.

For more information about The Do School, click here.

Stay tuned to GDR blog over the coming months to find out more about our involvement with The Do School.

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