Pop-up’s (virtual) room with a view

Apr 20, 2016

Peak Performance’s pop-ups only open at obscure times and in remote vistas

Physical retail seeks footfall, whether it be a permanent flagship or a temporary installation. Outdoor brand Peak Performance stayed true to its roots, however, by creating a new kind of pop-up experience that is only available to those willing to go the extra mile.

Peak Performance's GEO-located pop-up shopDedicated fans of Peak Performance apparel could claim free products by visiting the outdoor brand’s Magic Hour virtual pop-ups. These pop-ups used geo-location technology to ensure that only those who were in the right place, at the right time could access them.

Conjured on the summits of mountains, on inspiring golf course tracks and on stunning remote islands, the pop-ups were only open during the hours of sunrise and sunset, so only committed customers could access them.

“The Magic Hour encourages people to get out of bed early for a morning round of golf or enjoy a late evening run,” says Philip Arvidson, art director at Perfect Fools. “Those who make the effort can not only claim great Peak Performance gear but also discover beautiful handpicked locations. What could be a better way to experience the heart and soul of this outdoor brand?”

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The virtual pop-ups used GPS to track visitors’ locations and if they were in the correct geo-fenced area, they were given access to the free merchandise. Outside of the peak hours and the pop-up’s geo-fenced zone, site visitors could only browse the brand’s stock. The brand also instigated an Instagram campaign where winners of the best sunrise or sunset photo in any location could win free clothes.

Peak Performance geo-location based app

“The Magic Hour is a beautiful time of day and we want to encourage people to experience that time at fantastic locations,” said Robin Salazar, online marketing and e-commerce manager at Peak Performance. “The virtual pop-ups are an added incentive to experience sunrise or sunset and bridge the physical-digital divide.”

The Magic Hour pop-ups were activated in several challenging locations across Sweden, Norway, France, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and the UAE.

Magic pop up shops from Peak Performance

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