LISTEN: How retail has changed in the last two decades

Feb 26, 2020

To coincide with her retail trends keynote at the NRF’s 2020 Vision Conference last month, GDR CEO Kate Ancketill joined the Retail Gets Real podcast to discuss what has changed during her 22 years as a retail futurist.

Kate discusses how technology has changed the very nature of what retail innovation actually means, the similarities and differences between consumers in the US, the UK and China, the development of the loneliness economy, and why artificial intelligence has become a must for retailers.

She says: “The basics of humanity do not change but modern social media and technology allows and does require retailers to speak to each individual consumer as a unique person, so that’s really why we need to have the artificial intelligence, because that’s way too complicated for human beings to actually manage.”

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To watch the highlights of Kate’s NRF 2020 Vision keynote, click here.


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