LISTEN: Why Laura Ashley must learn from Nike

Mar 11, 2020

GDR CEO Kate Ancketill believes struggling British heritage brand Laura Ashley needs to learn from Nike if it wants to turn its fortunes around.

Last month the fashion and homewares retailer was forced to secure an emergency loan to “meet its immediate funding requirements”. Speaking about the brand on BBC Radio 4’s daily news programme You and Yours, Kate said: “Their diffusion line for Urban Outfitters was absolutely sell-out. They do have an appeal for the under 30-year-old. There are many things they have to do and one is the right partnerships.

“How does Nike appeal to a white 50 year old golfing pro, but also to a 12 year old street football kid? They’ve cracked that because they’ve understood they need to fragment their messaging, but also the product. So, they need to have this multiple offering in different channels for different people.”

Click here to listen to Kate’s highlights, and here to listen to the whole segment.

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