LISTEN: GDR CEO Kate Ancketill on BBC Machine Learning Fireside Chats

Jan 09, 2020

GDR’s CEO Kate Ancketill joined former ASOS head of data science Jedidiah Francis and Satalia CEO Daniel Hulme to discuss Machine Learning in retail as part of the BBC Fireside Chats series.


GDR CEO Kate Ancketill was part of an expert panel assembled by the BBC to discuss the developments and potential for Machine Learning within retail.

Joined by Satalia CEO Daniel Hulme and Jedidiah Francis from Labs at the BBC Machine Learning Fireside Chat, Kate explained the impact that optimisation, digitisation, AI and Machine Learning have already made on the retail industry, and underlined how the technology offers new opportunities for legacy retailers.

“We are now moving into generation three retail, the Platformisation era – the era of domination by a small number of megalithic, omniscient, mass-market places and platforms,” she said. “We know who they are: the Amazons, the Alibabas, the eBays, the Rakutens and they tend to have vast resources for developing AI and machine learning and the kind of optimisation we have come to expect.

“Where we’re starting to move that’s different is that they are starting to use machine learning to create a more customer facing service proposition that involves all sorts of things including personalisation of the product and the experience and the communication and so on.”

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