Join us for the GDR Foresight Festival 2020

Sep 04, 2020

GDR Foresight Festival 2020: 28th September – 2nd October 2020
(Daily Lunch & Learn Sessions 12:00 to 13:30 GMT)


In the last 6 months, we’ve witnessed a time of unprecedented change, transformation and innovation on a global scale. The pandemic has transformed our world: accelerating existing trends, whilst introducing new priorities and behaviours as we all grappled to adjust. During the last week of September, GDR invites you to join us each lunch time for the GDR Foresight Festival 2020.

The festival will help you to take a step back, to re-set and re-think about the near and short term future of retail and to consider how we will shop, live, play and work going forward. Each day during the Foresight Festival we’ll take you on a journey – leveraging the power of the GDR Foresight Framework; from the Self, to the Economy, the Culture to the Planet.

We’ll share our expertise and insights and introduce pioneering businesses, global thought leaders and change makers, as well as established heavyweights like Facebook and Tiktok, so you can learn how to embrace this new world of opportunity and prepare for the coming year personally and professionally.

Find out more information and sign up for the five sessions below.

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GDR Foresight Festival 2020 schedule of daily Lunch & Learn Sessions 12:00 to 13:30 GMT

Day 1:  In the Beginning

(28th September  12:00-1.30PM GMT)

GDR welcomes you to the Foresight Festival 2020 by launching our proprietary Foresight Framework and the four pillars that you need to know about for the coming year and beyond, as the world adapts and transitions to a new way of doing business, living and shopping. We will share our unique perspective, with an opening presentation on: “The power and relevance of foresight” by CEO Kate Ancketill and Head of Strategy, Eric Coulon.

We will welcome our guest speaker Daniel Hulme, CEO at optimisation and AI specialists Satalia, who will talk about “The new model for innovation”. We will close with our summary of some of the most outstanding global pandemic innovations we have captured, with some recommendations to take away and consider in your business.

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Day 2: The Planet 

(29th September 12:00-1.30PM GMT)

The pandemic has sadly taken a severe toll on human life but has also underlined how inter-related humans are to our planet and how integral the health of the planet is to our own wellbeing. It has become clearer than ever that there is no Planet B!

GDR CEO Kate Ancketill will introduce this pillar with her presentation: “The next green battlefield”, sharing some examples of business, brands and initiatives that are changing the planet for the better.

Stephen Clarke, head of communications at Terracycle, will then discuss the work they are doing to create innovative, sustainable and circular economy models and concepts, and we’ll also be joined by Claudia Gwinnutt, CEO and founder of circular economy ecommerce platform Circla, and recycling-focused inventor and entrepreneur Martin Myerscough.

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Day 3: The Economy

(30th September  12:00-1.30PM GMT)


 As the world’s businesses and governments struggle to recover from the pandemic, we focus on the Economy pillar, with some positive thoughts and ideas in our opening address on: “Future Business Models & Platforms” by GDR Head of Strategy Eric Coulon.

We will explore the changing face of commerce across the globe; and will be joined by Zarina Kanji, Tmall Business Development Lead, UK & Nordics for Alibaba Group, to discuss what we can learn from Chinese commerce and the live streaming models driving social and influencer commerce.

To close, we welcome Bill Grimsey and Jackie Sadek, co-authors of The Grimsey Review and its recent Build Back Better – Covid-19 Supplement. Bill will share his ideas and actions needed to regenerate the high street and Jackie will answer your questions in a Q&A. We will also be joined by David Keene, CMO of e-commerce analytics company xSellco, who will reveal how Covid-19 has shifted e-commerce trends.

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Day 4: The Self

(1st October 12:00-1.30PM GMT)


Feeling mentally and physically healthy has never seemed more important than now. And as social narcissism, gender inequality and racial bigotry increase, so too do mental health issues.

In this session we explore The Self pillar, with an opening address on “Sustainable Wellness” by GDR CEO Kate Ancketill.

We also invite you to join us in ‘The Wellness Lounge’, where our thinkers, innovators and pioneers will share some exciting innovations that illustrate the direction of travel for physical and mental wellbeing. We’ll start with Dr Saskia Kloppenburg-Vieth and Iain De Havilland of London’s first NAD+ infusion clinic, who will talk about anti-senescence innovation, cellular optimisation and the myriad other beneficial health properties of NAD+. She will be followed by Kent Yoshimura, co-founder and CEO of nootroptic mints and gums brand Neuro, before Sarah Hill, CEO of biometrically-powered immersive media channel Healium, will discuss “Mental Fitness in a New Reality.”

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Day 5: The Culture

(2nd October  12:00-1.30PM GMT)

We’ve all been living vicariously for the last six months (or more), dialling in to exhibitions, museums and bands, or hosting virtual pubs, quizzes or House parties. So on the final day of the GDR Foresight Festival 2020, please join us virtually again, whilst we explore the importance of The Culture, the last pillar of our Foresight Framework.

Our opening address by GDR Head of Strategy Eric Coulon will outline a huge growing trend: “Virtual communities”.

Our guest speakers from Facebook (Strategic Planning Partner, Zehra Chatoo) and TikTok (Brand Strategist, Alessandra Mariani) will be exploring the rise of social commerce, the role of Influencers and tips for “Engaging with Gen Z”.

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