Introducing The GDR Foresight Framework

Jun 05, 2020

GDR’s head of strategy Eric Coulon explains how The GDR Foresight Framework will help your business plan better for the short-, medium- and long-term.


For more than 20 years GDR’s quarterly trends have given our clients ground-breaking insight, opinion and analysis of the key global shifts in physical retail, ecommerce, hospitality, brand communications and consumer behaviour. They have been rooted in the present, based on the most innovative, disruptive, best-in-class examples from the previous three months.

These unique fast-moving GDR trends remain a core part of our process, but we’re delighted to announce that we have designed a new proprietary framework that allows us to map these astute and timely short-term changes against the medium- and long-term big picture topics that will drive how brands, retail operators and businesses operate for the next 10 years.


Introducing The GDR Foresight Framework

The Four Preoccupations of brands and consumers


Powered by The GDR Foresight Framework, we will not only bring our clients the latest innovations from around the world every day, we will ascertain and anticipate the societal and cultural impacts of these emerging trends on the four key areas of human development, which we define as The Planet, The Self, The Economy and The Culture.

Our hypothesis is that brands, retail operators and businesses make all of their decisions in relation to these four Preoccupations, which are universal and timeless. At the same time, these preoccupations create tension in consumers’ lives as they constantly try to find the right balance between the four in their actions.

The GDR Foresight Framework enables us to draw a line between the four human Preoccupations, the long-term Macroforces that shape our experience of life (eg Finite Essential Resources), the near-future Megatrend patterns that emerge as people react to these Macroforces (eg The Circular Economy), and our short-term traditional GDR quarterly trends (eg Consumer-friendly circular grocery platforms).

The GDR Foresight Framework is a precious tool that helps us decode, decipher and define the patterns of a category, a market or a brand issue. It will in turn fuel our consulting practice with deeper insights and sharper outlooks into the future.

Combined with our existing, curated editorial process and our bespoke AI-powered global research engine that gives us access to sources in all languages (including billions of local articles in China), we believe this new framework will give your company the key competitive advantage you need during these unprecedented times.


To find out more information about how The GDR Foresight Framework will allow us to provide you with even deeper levels of insight and analysis, contact me on

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