Introducing The GDR Assembly

May 13, 2020

We are delighted to launch The GDR Assembly – a regular panel of diverse thought leaders and change makers discussing and debating the impact of Covid-19, answering your key questions.

The GDR Assembly was established to create a virtual panel of world class thought leaders to complement the insight provided by GDR’s in-house Business Futurists. Members of the panel were chosen because of their expertise and specialism in areas that are having a profound and fundamental impact on this new world, transformed by Covid-19. We hope that their intelligence and thoughts will shine a new perspective on this world and provide insights and a view on how it might evolve.

To find out more about the GDR Assembly and our international, cross-sector, multi-disciplinary panel, click here.


The GDR Assembly Interviews

To introduce you to our Assembly panel members we will be releasing an interview with each of them as part of our GDR Assembly Interviews series. The first one is with Daniel Hulme, the AI expert and founder and CEO of optimisation specialists Satalia. Daniel talks to GDR Head of Strategy Eric Coulon about how Covid-19 will accelerate the move towards what he refers to as the “Ultra Gig” economy, why no one in retail understands AI and why he thinks the pandemic could have a positive impact on the world.

Listen to this fascinating conversation here.


The GDR Assembly Report

Illustration by Louis Loizou


As part of a premium GDR service, clients purchasing a GDR Assembly Report will be invited to submit their own questions to the Assembly panel. We will combine their collective insights with those of the GDR research and strategy teams to create a bespoke report based on your needs.

If you would like to harness the collective wisdom of The Assembly to explore, debate and answer your businesses issues, please get in touch to discuss and arrange a bespoke report:

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