Immersive Retail Showcase: Take a 360 virtual tour of Fortnum & Mason, London

Jun 10, 2021

GDR has created an immersive 360 degree virtual tour of the iconic Fortnum & Mason department store in London’s Piccadilly to highlight the key features that make it a mainstay of the UK’s luxury retail scene.

Fortnum & Mason is a British institution and one of London’s longest-serving department stores. Founded 314 years ago in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, it started out as a candle seller, but is now most famous for its hampers, blended teas and its Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. Fortnum & Mason is a holder of two Royal Warrants and is ‘Grocers and Provision Merchants’ to HM The Queen and ‘Tea Merchants and Grocers’ to HRH The Prince of Wales.

In this Immersive Retail Showcase we’ll use a 360 virtual tour, exclusive video footage and images to highlight the store’s key features, including its tea blending and hamper services, its engaging displays, and iconic shop windows.


Take the Fortnum & Mason 360 virtual tour


GDR’s exclusive 360 virtual tour of Fortnum & Mason, London allows you to virtually walk through its iconic shop floor taking in all of the details above, below and around you. You’ll start in the grand Duke Street entrance and can move throughout the store by scrolling and clicking on the pulsing target icons. Look out for the information icons throughout the 360 tour, which you can click on to unlock more images and video footage taken in the department store. Tap the mountain range gallery icon to load an image gallery of the store and click here to launch the 360 Virtual Tour in a new browser.


Fortnum & Mason Tea Blending Service


One of the premium services offered by Fortnum & Mason is its tea blending service, which allows customers to create their own bespoke tea, under the tutelage of expert staff on the shop floor.

At the Tea Blending kiosk, customers can find out about all of the different green and black teas that are available before choosing three for their own personal blend. They can choose colourful petals to add to the aesthetic of the tea and pick their own name before watching Fortnum & Mason’s experts blend their unique and personalised product.

Its Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon was opened in March 2012 by HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, the first public appearance of all three Royal ladies together.

Watch the experience above, or by clicking here.


Fortnum & Mason Shop Windows

Situated in London’s bustling Piccadilly, Fortnum & Mason’s highest footfall entrance is at 181 Piccadilly, but its doormen patrol the Duke Street entrance, which is the starting point of GDR’s exclusive 360 Virtual Tour of the department store. When GDR visited the store, the shop windows on both the Piccadilly and Duke Street store fronts were filled with engaging displays promoting Fortnum & Mason’s Time for Tea guide book launched this year in collaboration with food writer Tom Parker Bowles.

Explore the video of the Fortnum & Mason store windows above, or by clicking here.


Penhaligon’s Portrait Experience


While much of the in-store shopping experience at Fortnum & Mason is built around best-in-class customer service led by knowledgeable staff, traditional British perfumer Penhaligon’s also injects a modern twist to offer an element of personalised service to its customers.

The Penhaligon’s Portrait Experience is a fun and engaging experience on a digital screen in the brand’s concession that helps overcome the potential choice anxiety presented by its wide range of luxury fragrances. Customers are asked a number of questions about the occasion they’re shopping for and the types of fabrics and beverages that appeal to them, before being presented with a curated range of recommendations that meet their taste.

Watch the experience above, or by clicking here.


Fortnum & Mason Bespoke Hampers


Building on its centuries-old reputation as one of the leading premium grocers in the world, one of Fortnum and Mason’s most recognisable products are its hampers.

It sells upwards of 200,000 hampers every year and customers can choose from a range of curated hampers, or create their own bespoke hamper. Hampers are sent to all corners of the globe every year, with regular customers as far afield as North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, to name a few.

Watch a hamper being created above, or by clicking here.


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