Half a dozen of the best Easter campaigns

Apr 06, 2018

Last weekend, brands in a number of sectors engaged consumers with playful Easter campaigns. Hannah Hunt explores how a variety of approaches were used to reinterpret the traditional Easter egg hunt and to inject some April Fool’s humour into proceedings.


With Easter centred on spring, family, and chocolate, it makes sense that it is a big holiday on most brands’ calendars. Although not as extravagant as Christmas marketing efforts, brands across the world take advantage of the Easter celebrations in a variety of ways. From AR Easter egg hunts, to giveaways and April Fools’ pranks, these are some of the innovative marketing campaigns that caught our eye this Easter season.


Tech-enhanced egg hunts

Cadbury live 360-degree Facebook Easter egg hunt

Cadbury, in partnership with creative agency Ogilvy Melbourne, launched a Facebook Live experience, bringing the joy of a Cadbury Easter to all Australians. “The Cadbury Live Egg Hunt,” a live 360-degree Facebook video, encouraged users to log on and scour a virtual landscape for hidden eggs. The event saw 220,000 people around the country take part during the hour-long egg hunt broadcast. The first person to spot an egg and comment was rewarded with real-world Cadbury chocolate.

“A Cadbury Easter is all about joy and wonder, and there’s nothing more exciting than scouring the backyard for every last egg, but why should the kids get all the fun?” said David Ponce de Leon, ECD, Ogilvy Melbourne. “We wanted to create an experience that would remind all Australians of the happiness an Easter hunt brings.”


Snapchat Pokémon Go-inspired AR egg hunt

Snapchat got in the Easter spirit by creating an Easter egg hunt for its users. The app used its Snap Maps and augmented reality to allow users in the US and Canada to search for hidden virtual eggs in real-world locations. Once users got close to an egg in the Snap Map, they could click on it to collect points; plain eggs were worth one point, and rarer golden eggs were worth five points. Collecting the Easter eggs unlocked special “World Lens” filters that winners could add to their pictures. According to Snapchat, nearly 59.7 million eggs were collected in the hunt, which ran from March 30 through midnight Eastern Time on April 1.



Addison Lee Golden Egg trip

Cab company Addison Lee placed ten golden eggs in ten of their cars across London for lucky customers to find. For a chance to win return flights to New York for two people, plus a chauffeur service to and from the airport, participants simply had to hop into an Addison Lee between March 29 and April 2 and look out for a golden egg. Those who found the eggs had to take a selfie with it and upload the photo to Instagram or Twitter tagging @AddisonLeeCabs and using the hashtag #EggsplorewithAddLee in the caption. To help people on their way, the company also offered a promo code to get £15 off a ride.


Deliveroo “feaster egg hunt” giveaway

Food delivery company Deliveroo launched an Easter giveaway that gave customers the chance to win up to £1,000 of Deliveroo credit. Entry into the promotion was automatic for all UK customers who ordered from more than a thousand participating restaurants during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Randomly selected winning orders for each restaurant received a “Feaster Egg” hidden within their order. The “Feaster Eggs” contained scratchcards with unique codes that unlocked free Deliveroo credit. Prizes ranged from £2.50 all the way up to £1,000.


April Fools’

Reese’s not what you-egg-spected

This year, Easter and April Fools’ Day fell on the same day and Reese’s couldn’t resist taking advantage of the opportunity. The brand took over the egg aisle at a New Jersey supermarket and swapped the regular eggs for Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs. Hidden cameras were set up to capture the reactions of shoppers as they realised the egg cartons were not “eggs-actly” what they seemed. “Whether they were happy, surprised, amused, or confused, the reactions from customers were priceless,” said Eric Bowers, brand manager for Reese’s. “Reese’s is synonymous with Easter, and as a devilishly charming brand, we love a good April Fools’ joke, so what better way for us to celebrate?”


Peeps names Energizer Bunny as ‘Celebrity Creative Director’

Peeps candy brand named the Energizer Bunny its new Celebrity Creative Director to help “drum up new energy” for this year’s Easter line. The campaign showed a pink Peep bunny with sunglasses just like the Energizer Bunny. The brand stated in its press release: “It’s no surprise that Easter is THE holiday for Peeps, and after 65 years we needed ‘some-bunny’ to help re-energize the brand’s product offerings and help us power up innovation.” The press release ended by saying that the whole thing was in fact an April Fools’ Day Joke. According to digitalmarketingdawgs.com, the campaign resulted in a rise in sales for Peeps as well as a rise in social media impressions for Energizer.


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