GDR’s Kate Ancketill on “Retail’s Hard Reset” at NRF 2021

Jan 21, 2021

On Tuesday (19 January) GDR CEO Kate Ancketill took to the virtual stage at NRF 2021 to discuss Retail’s hard reset: How cataclysmic events accelerate trends, transformation and innovation.

Giving the retail trends keynote at the world’s biggest retail conference for the fourth time, Kate outlined how retail can bounce back stronger from the cataclysmic events of 2020. She argues that the combination of the pandemic experience, the climate emergency and significant geopolitical events has given us the impetus to make the fundamental changes needed to future-proof our businesses.

Kate highlighted the pure players and physical retailers who have pivoted very successfully during the pandemic, and posits that the “hard reset” innovations that make sense for the three Ps – People, Profit and Planet – will be the ones that are here to stay. Kate goes on to state the five key ways that physical retailers should be approaching their own hard reset, before revealing five essential changes they can implement right now.


Kate closed her keynote by looking a bit further into the future to discuss the implications of the smart city and the opportunities that technologies like 5G and automation will create for retail.

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