GDR visits…Tiffany’s at Covent Garden

Jul 20, 2018

GDR’s Charlie Lloyd paid a visit to the newly opened Tiffany’s store in London’s Covent Garden. Dubbed a ‘style studio’, the space is a more playful format than traditional Tiffany’s stores, geared towards the next generation of the brand’s customers.


On first approach, the new Tiffany’s store on James Street looks like any of the other ultra-premium duck-egg blue jewellery stores that you can find further west of the city and around the world. But as you cross the threshold, an oomph of bass from the store’s speakers and a crowd of Gen Z and millennial shoppers set the alarm bells ringing. Something’s not quite right.

That is because this isn’t a typical Tiffany’s store. This is a ‘style studio’, a more accessible introduction to the brand for young consumers. The jewellery that Tiffany’s is known for is here, but it concedes a considerable amount of floor space with a wide range of more everyday products at cheaper price points, from candles and plant pots to stationery.


Premium vending

Perhaps the most striking demonstration of Tiffany’s courting of younger customers is how it sells its fragrances: from a vending machine. The means of acquiring a bottle of perfume here may be novel and lowbrow in a way that might confuse Holly Golightly and Tiffany’s real-life core clientele, but the prices, alas, are still Tiffany’s prices. At £100 ($130) there’s no point rooting around in your pocket for loose change like you would for a bag of M&Ms – which is why this vending machine accepts credit cards.


The store also features a personalisation bar where customers can #MakeItTiffany. Alongside a standard engraving service, customers can sketch their own designs and have them etched onto their purchases to make them truly unique and special.


Courting GenZ

This store hasn’t been conceptualised in isolation, to which the campaign video running on a video wall at the back of the store can attest. Tiffany’s is very much on a drive to court the next generation of shoppers, having launched a major campaign earlier in the year starring Gen Z actress Elle Fanning, which is played on a loop in the store. When the campaign first launched, it was executed alongside a city-wide activation in New York starring skateboarders, BMX riders and Tiffany-branded bodegas.


The style studio format is the next logical step in Tiffany’s plan to make affluent young shoppers fall in love with them. The prices of the products on sale will still draw a sharp intake of breath from most shoppers, but they are items that are considerably less expensive than Tiffany’s staple of necklaces and other jewellery, and alongside an upbeat atmosphere and some engaging elements, the store should succeed in winning over a new generation of advocates.


Address: 13 James St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8BT

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