GDR visits … Glossier’s London pop-up

Nov 22, 2017

Last Friday, GDR’s Innovation Research team visited The Glossier Pop-up in London’s Marylebone. Matilde Ricon Peres explores how Glossier has become one of the most well-loved beauty brands on the Internet, attracting a cult following of beauty-obsessed Gen Z-ers and millennials.


Glossier is a New York-based beauty brand created in 2014 by blogger and entrepreneur Emily Weiss. Inspired by the experiences of her peers, Weiss set out to create products that address the everyday concerns consumers have with make-up and skincare. At the centre of everything the brand does is its customers – its brand marketing and social media channels often using crowd sourced content and highly stylised imagery.

This is not coincidental; Glossier customers are social and as a result the products are designed to be photographed. So it’s no surprise that this is how the brand has chosen to approach the design of its physical spaces as it makes the jump from online to offline.

Created for Instagram

On entering the Glossier pop-up in London, the first thing we noticed is the heady mix of fresh flowers and “Glossier Pink” – the online essence of the brand brought to life in the physical space through the use of scent and bold colour. This is a space designed with Instagram in mind.

Focussing on retail as an experience, the space’s sumptuous décor elevates the products on display, which are actually modestly priced between £10-45 ($13-60). The price point reflects the brand’s values that skincare is for everyone, while the space positions the products as an affordable luxury.


Apart from the two showrooms, where the brand’s products are laid out for people to try, there’s a decompression room where visitors can fully immerse themselves in the brand’s aesthetic in a beautiful environment surrounded by mirrors, fresh flowers and Glossier-inspired moodboards.


A scent of success

This pop-up coincided with the launch of the brand’s new Glossier You perfume. To experience the scent, visitors were invited into a red velvet-covered room with individual dressing tables, where each visitor could have a private moment with the scent. For the perfume launch in New York, the brand went a step further and created Twin-Peaks inspired private dressing rooms covered in mirrors where an enigmatic red-gloved hand would appear and spray the perfume.

The offline experiences created by much-loved Instagram brands like Glossier are always interesting to review as they contain many best practice elements that physical retailers can learn from. With this, its second pop-up in London, Glossier is building awareness in the UK and positioning itself as more than an online beauty brand. It is a place where fans of the brand and potential new customers can all come together and feel part of the Glossier family. We sure did.

The pop up is located on Portland Palace in London until 22 of November.

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