GDR visits … Cadbury’s The Glass & A Half Shop

Jan 26, 2018

GDR Innovation Researchers Chloe Rigogne and Hannah Hunt visited Cadbury’s The Glass & A Half Shop to see how the chocolate brand translated its latest TV ad into the real world.


We were fascinated to hear that Cadbury would be launching an immersive pop-up in London’s Soho based on its heart-warming new Mum’s Birthday TV spot. So we went down on the opening day eager to see how the much-loved confectionery brand and creative agency VCCP would achieve this.

In the commercial, a young girl goes into a traditional British corner shop to buy her mother a bar of Cadbury chocolate for her birthday. Lacking any money, she pays for it with her beloved knick-knacks. (Click here to view it)

As in the ad, knick-knacks are the only form of currency accepted at The Glass & A Half Shop. Customers can exchange their own trinkets but, not to exclude those who turn up empty handed, a free vending machine by the entrance also dispenses knick-knacks so that all passers-by can join in on the fun.

The most spectacular thing about the store, though, is the attention to detail. The pop-up is designed to mimic a standard corner shop, but everywhere you turn there is a Cadbury-branded twist on the traditional offerings you would expect to see. The newspapers and magazines on display, for example, all follow the Cadbury colour palette, and their names are clever reworkings of well-known publications –Auto Trader becomes Dairy Milk Trader and Home & Garden becomes Chocolate & Garden.

On the pop-up’s shelves common household products such as eggs, sugar and cleaning supplies are also given the Cadbury treatment. And the brand storytelling even continues on the store window, where a notice board contains handwritten ads, which all allude to chocolate or the brand’s ethos.

When we went to the pop-up, it was busy, but the helpful staff were keeping things moving, while encouraging everyone to take pictures of the very Instagram-friendly design details. The aim is clearly to get as many people as possible into the space and to encourage them to spread the word on social media – it even had its own location-enabled filter.

Cadbury and VCCP have done a great job translating the advert, and the Cadbury brand into this physical space. And, with a free bar of chocolate on offer, what’s not to love?

The pop-up was open from 10am – 6pm until January 28th at 57 Greek Street in Soho.

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