GDR meets … Wide Eyes Technologies

Sep 12, 2017

Recently we were delighted to invite Barcelona-based artificial intelligence startup Wide Eyes Technologies to our London office. Leah Converse, business development manager at the company, kindly gave us a demo of how its products can benefit retailers and shoppers, which was fascinating to see.


The number of fashion brands and retailers implementing image recognition and AI technology like Wide Eyes Technologies’ products is increasing rapidly, and from a capability perspective it was amazing to see how quickly the technology has developed and the number of different ways AI can be deployed by brands in the sector.

For consumers, the technology really comes to life when it is used to provide shoppable options closely resembling items they have wishlisted or taken a photo of.


Ecommerce springs to mind when thinking about implications for retail. And indeed, image recognition teamed with AI is mostly being used online. But it can and is being used in-store. Some of Wide Eyes Technologies’ clients are using its software on tablets in-store, allowing them to make alternative suggestions to shoppers when the item they want is not available.

In this way, the technology has great potential, not just to turn a customer’s want into a purchase, but to convert shoppers who may otherwise leave the store empty handed.

Speaking about the rise of AI in fashion, chief marketing officer Sandra Puerto told us: “AI fashion technology gives brands the ultimate tools to ensure their customers have easy access to what they want.

“From the trends they see in social media or the photos they take on their phones, to screenshotting Instagram or a pic of an advertisement, AI fashion technology allows them to find what they love and buy it instantly. Futuristic fashion solutions are becoming an invaluable investment for retailers.”

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