GDR meets … JHP Design

Dec 06, 2017

Having talked to many clients over the years about its innovative retail design concepts, GDR invited JHP Design to create the cover of the 66th Global Innovation Report. With the report currently being mailed out to clients around the world, we took the opportunity to find out a bit more about the London and Seoul-based agency.


Who are JHP?

We are a nearly 40-year-old commercial design practice that flourishes in diversity, that will try anything and still believes that design is a little bit ‘Rock and Roll’ and not a proper job.


The new Lavazza coffee experience in Milan

What do you think makes you different from other agencies?

We are commercially ruthless. When projects are completed we do not ask clients if they like them, we ask them if they are making more money.


What work are you most proud of?

From the past the complete reinvention of Selfridges department store as the ‘ultimate day club’. From the present, the new Lavazza coffee experience in Milan. From the future, the development of the ‘largest luxury railway terminal’ in the world. (Yes that’s the ‘largest luxury railway terminal’ in the world – watch this space).


The GIR66 artwork

Can you tell us a bit about how you approached the brief for the cover of GIR66, titled Tech-enhanced brand stretch?

By understanding that the incredible benefits that we all receive from the modern continuously-connected world also comes with potentially terrifying consequences. Social media can be more epidemic than entertainment. There is a danger of each of us becoming our self-imposed Big Brother issuing home-made surveillance to all.

In the words of American psychologist and writer Timothy Leary we must: “Take control – Turn on, tune in, but then drop out.”

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