GDR loves… Bentley’s Inspirator app

May 04, 2016

To promote its new Bentayga SUV, Bentley has launched the Inspirator app that is responsive to consumer’s individual emotions.

The Inspirator app builds a picture of the user’s preferences in order to generate a Bentayga SUV with features customised to complement this profile. The car’s interior, veneer, paint and wheels are all influenced by the app user’s personal tastes, some more directly than others.

GDR’s Senior Consultant Will Seymour put it to the test.

Within the app, users are invited to watch a video split into four chapters. Images ranging from beaches and yachts to music, chinaware and discos appear as the story unfolds. The user must keep their eyes focused on the screen; if they look away, the app detects this and the video pauses.

The app uses facial and emotional-recognition technology, registering how each image triggers subtle, muscular micro-shifts that correlate with emotional states of sentiment, surprise and aversion.

Strong engagement with images of artistic vision, such as ballet or music, will lead to a bolder and more contemporary car. A strong response to the domed ceiling of a cathedral, on the other hand, may have a direct influence on the vehicle’s wheels.

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Kevin Rose, Bentley’s board member for sales and marketing, said: “Configuring a Bentley is an intensely personal experience; it is a reflection of your personality and taste. The Inspirator aims to understand the inspiration behind the process of specifying a car. It provides intelligently curated responses which can be personalised further to truly make the car your own.”

The app is not just designed to show the level of personalisation Bentley can offer, but to drive real sales. The car generated by the app can be ordered and produced for real, and users can book to visit a Bentley showroom to browse its range of cars.

Prices for a new Bentayga SUV begin at $200,000. Over the coming months, the app will broaden out from the SUV to create other personalised cars from Bentley’s range.

Bentley’s app was created by VML London, which used emotion metric algorithms built from 3.4 million faces in more than 75 countries. Bentley claims this is the world’s largest emotion data repository.

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