GDR CEO Kate Ancketill speaks at next week

Sep 21, 2017

GDR CEO Kate Ancketill will be inspiring the leading thinkers in global e-commerce when she speaks at in LA next week.


She will be discussing how e-commerce brands can build healthier, more trusting relationships with their customers. It’s a subject we’ve spent a lot of time exploring at GDR.

At the heart of it, the challenge is simple: “How should retailers and brands respond to consumers as they grow more sophisticated, sceptical and assertive?”

We’re seeing digital brands respond in a variety of really interesting ways, from brands like Volition that involve their customers in new product development, to digitally-native vertical brands like Cotopaxi and Ritual that use novel brand language to cultivate trust and credibility with their audiences.

We’re also beginning to see great work from companies like Provenance, who help brands and retailers tell stories underwritten by the new trust architecture afforded by the Blockchain.

I’m sure we’ll be debating the issues with many of you over the coming months. If you’re coming to, then Kate will be there on Monday and Tuesday with the head of our New York office, James Mullan, and they would love to meet you.

Email to let us know if you’ll be around.

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