GDR CEO Kate Ancketill speaks at the NRF BIG Show this Sunday

Jan 12, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that GDR’s CEO Kate Ancketill will be giving the trend keynote presentation at the NRF’s BIG Show in New York for the second year in a row on Sunday.

Addressing 35,000 of the world’s leading retail experts, she’ll be exploring what retail success will look like in an age of platforms.

Traditional American retail was a machine built and finely tuned to address a large and relatively stable middle class. As decades of stagnant or declining wages wore away at their spending power, legacy retailers suffered along with them. However, with middle class income now beginning to pick up and the emergence of some exciting new tools, the sector is reaching a turning point. The time is right to pause, reflect and reimagine retail from first principles.


Kate at last year’s NRF BIG Show


Our view is that the businesses poised to dominate the next era will adopt a more expansive conception of what retail actually is – thinking more like platforms than traditional retailers.
In her presentation Kate will explore four ways of thinking like a platform within retail, from creating offset journeys to establishing deeper contextual offerings around consumers.

Kate will take to the stage at 10.45am local time, 3.45pm UK time.


Keep an eye on the GDR Creative Intelligence blog over the next week for extensive coverage of the best from the NRF BIG Show.

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