The GDR Assembly Report Vol. 2 – Exploring the new frontiers of omni-channel retail

Sep 23, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the second edition of The GDR Assembly Report is now available to download for free.

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In this second edition we have collaborated with three leading retail pioneers who help us explore the changing face of retail and define the three meta-channels that will drive the omni-channel retail experience of the future. The GDR Assembly Report Vol. 2 – The new frontiers of omni-channel retail includes insights about New Retail from Alibaba‘s head of fashion and luxury in the UK, Spain and Northern Europe, Mei Chen. We also dive into The Metaverse with Unmatereality‘s Andrew Ku, who is the CEO and founder of the ADA virtual world, and we discuss the game-changing potential of local fulfilment with 30-year Sainsbury’s veteran Jason Soar, who is now CEO of automation and fulfilment consultancy ThinkThru.

The GDR Assembly is a curated panel of specialist innovators, thinkers, change-makers and retail or tech insiders, who enhance the work of GDR’s Business Futurists with early insights and an insider outlook on things to come. We use this insight to help provide clients with a unique perspective and tailored advice.

Our first GDR Assembly Report, released in April 2020 at the start of the pandemic, shared insights and predictions that were uncannily accurate; AI expert Daniel Hulme outlined his vision of a hyper-flexible remote working society, well before the concept of #WFH became a reality. Our historian panellist, Debra Kelly, anticipated the social anxieties of returning to a normal life post lockdown, foreseeing the stresses and likely mental health issues. Another of our experts, Andy Scott, predicted that retailers and brands would put their ‘feet to the floor’ and accelerate innovations in convenience and fulfilment.

In this second edition, our objective was to help you navigate the right way forward for your business and brands. Clear vision, foresight and intelligence is required during times of uncertainty and we hope the new insights and perspectives in this report will help you remain on top of your game through these challenging times.

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