GDR Assembly Interview 7: Exploring the future of global grocery retail with Jason Soar

Jul 12, 2021

In the 7th episode of the GDR Assembly Interview series, GDR’s Head of Strategy Eric Coulon explores the future of global grocery retail with 30-year veteran of UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, Jason Soar, who has now founded e-commerce and fulfilment consultancy ThinkThru.



Jason talks about the profitability issues with ecommerce, the importance of getting the basics right, and why he thinks there’s still a place for both traditional convenience stores and super-fast on-demand delivery services.



Jason also looks to the future to explain how he believes automated click-and-collect systems backed by smart city technologies will revolutionise the physical grocery store in the next 5 to 10 years.


You can watch or listen to the interview above, or by clicking through to our Vimeo page, here, or Soundcloud page, here.


The GDR Assembly

Illustration by Louis Loizou


The GDR Assembly is our cross-sector panel of world class thought leaders who are working alongside GDR’s in-house Business Futurists to provide perspective about how the world is evolving in response to Covid-19. Eric’s conversation with Jason is the latest interview leading up to the publication of our second GDR Assembly Report, which brings together the opinions of the GDR Assembly panel. Click here for more information and get in touch with to find out about our bespoke GDR Assembly reports, which use the panel’s collective wisdom to answer your company’s key questions.


The Assembly Interview Series

This GDR Assembly Interview series is designed to introduce you to our brilliant international Assembly panel members. Listen to all of our Assembly Interviews by clicking here.

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