GDR Assembly Interview 3: Professor Debra Kelly

Jun 11, 2020

In the third edition of The GDR Assembly Interview Series, GDR’s head of strategy Eric Coulon discusses the legacy of Covid-19 with historian Professor Debra Kelly, who is principal research fellow at Westminster University specialising in war and cultural studies.

Professor Kelly brings a very interesting perspective to the conversation, discussing why it’s “lazy and inappropriate” to use war metaphors to explain the pandemic, illustrating the ethical and moral dilemma we face when choosing between freedom and protection, and explaining why, historically, events like the Covid-19 pandemic accelerate change and innovation.


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The GDR Assembly

 Illustration by Louis Loizou


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The Assembly Interview Series

This GDR Assembly Interview series is designed to introduce you to our brilliant international Assembly panel members. Listen to the first two Assembly Interviews below, or by visiting the GDR Soundcloud page here.


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