GDR Assembly Interview 2: Florence Labedays

May 22, 2020

Listen to the second instalment of our Assembly Interview series where GDR’s head of strategy Eric Coulon talks to communications and international relations specialist Florence Labedays about how she expects Covid-19 to change the world.


Florence Labedays

As the former editor-in-chief of Bloomberg TV France and an expert in international relations, Florence has decades of experience in media, content marketing and e-learning. And, as you’d expect from someone with her rare mix of specialisms, Florence delves into a wide range of topics including why she expects an increase in demand for locally-made goods post-pandemic, why working from home may not be the best solution for all, and how the pandemic is redefining what convenience means for consumers.

Listen to the fascinating interview here.


The GDR Assembly

Illustration by Louis Loizou


The GDR Assembly is our cross-sector panel of world class thought leaders who are working alongside GDR’s in-house Business Futurists to provide perspective about how the world will evolve in response to Covid-19. Click here for more information and get in touch with to find out about our bespoke GDR Assembly reports, which use the panel’s collective wisdom to answer your company’s key questions.


The GDR Assembly Interview Series

This Assembly Interview series is designed to introduce you to our brilliant international panel members. If you missed the first one with optimisation and AI specialist Daniel Hulme, click here, or listen above.



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