Download our E-commerce in Lockdown report

Jul 08, 2020

GDR’s business futurists have partnered with e-commerce software company xSellco to create an exclusive report analysing consumer spending and innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Download it here.

Combining xSellco’s global online data from mass market e-commerce vendors with GDR’s global trends research and consultancy, the E-commerce in Lockdown report aims to offer insights into the channel behaviour and reactions of consumers since the Covid-19 pandemic affected the world and our retail habits.

We have explored the key categories that have seen the biggest changes or increases to consumer spending online in lockdown, whilst considering how trends and innovations in these sectors responded to the new rituals and the challenge of serving customers in new ways throughout lockdown.

Click here to download the report.



To find out more about how GDR and xSellco are combining consumer spending and innovation trends, or to discuss a bespoke report, contact:

Rachel Wilkinson, GDR Managing Director, on

Gareth Cummings, xSellco CTO, on

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