In Conversation with … Bill Grimsey

Jul 02, 2020

We’re delighted to share with you the first episode of our new series In Conversation With, where GDR CEO Kate Ancketill is joined by the former CEO of Wickes, Iceland and Focus DIY, and the author of The Grimsey Review, Bill Grimsey.

Throughout the regular series Kate will be talking to her friends and industry contacts from many sectors about what brands and retail operators should be doing right now to future-proof their businesses. You can expect plenty of actionable insights and constructive real-talk, and even when our guests’ opinions don’t necessarily tally with those of GDR, they are always worth listening to.


In Conversation With … Bill Grimsey

Graphic by Louis Loizou


The guest for Kate’s first episode, Bill Grimsey, is one of the foremost retail experts in the UK, having been CEO of Wickes, Iceland and Focus DIY, and the MD of Park n Shop in Hong Kong. In 2013 he published The Grimsey Review, which explains the decline of the UK high street and sets out a vision for the future. He followed this up with an updated Review in 2018, and just last week published a supplement in response to Covid-19 titled Build Back Better, which you can download here.

During his conversation with Kate, Bill discusses why he sees the future as “localism on steroids” and outlines what this means for brands, retailers, local people and local authorities.

Click here to listen.

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