Can customers create the perfect product?

16 September 2016 - Hospitality

GDR Innovation Researcher Martin Reid asks whether customers could provide the key to creating the 'perfect product'...  It’s obvious to say that customers have always had a role in influencing brand activity, whether through customer insight…

GDR meets… Library of Things

1 September 2016 - Hospitality

London's Library of Things is a community space where members can borrow useful items, like DIY equipment or camping gear, for a small fee. The Library was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign following a pilot…

Is Wi-Fi now a fundamental human right?

31 August 2016 - Hospitality

During his travels around the globe, GDR's SVP for Global Innovation, James Mullan, starts to wonder whether Wi-Fi is now a fundamental human right...  At the moment of asking this question, I have to confess it…

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