Are we entering the age of “Come to me” retail?

GDR’s John O’Sullivan explores the next generation of ultra-convenient retail formats that customers will be able to summon on-demand During the last five years mobile-powered brands like Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon and Domino’s have normalised the idea…

GDR visits…Petersham Nurseries

14 August 2017 - Hospitality

According to an article published in Retail Week in June 2016 ­the top 100 garden centres in the UK are growing on average by more than 10% year on year and the market overall generates sales of £3.1bn…

GDR meets… DVTK

7 February 2017 - Hospitality

Innovation Researcher Sophia Platts-Palmer met with Pietro Lo Casto, business director and partner at London-based digital creative agency DVTK to discuss the future of retail tech. Founded by French nationals Kim Boutin and David Broner, DVTK…

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