Google Tilt Brush

GDR reviews… Google’s Tilt Brush

2 June 2016 - Retail technology

When Google announced its new 3D virtual reality drawing tool, Tilt Brush this month, they claimed it would allow users to “experience painting as never before”. GDR was lucky enough to be invited to a VR playground, run…

samsung gear 360

What we shared at the Adobe Summit

17 May 2016 - Retail trends

Last week I spoke at the Adobe Summit 2016 where I examined what the Fourth Industrial Revolution would mean for consumer-facing businesses. It’s not easy to condense the implications of a large paradigmatic shift into under…

innovation labs

GDR talks… Innovation Labs

4 May 2016 - Retail innovation

“The lab approach works faster by bypassing corporate structures, escaping the tyranny of quarterly profit targets and introducing the benefits of an entrepreneurial start-up culture while, theoretically, limiting risk. What doesn’t seem to be an option…

parcel delivery and retrieval service

GDR loves… Doddle

4 May 2016 - Customer experience

More than 30 million people in the UK, the equivalent to 59% of the country's consumers, now use click-and-collect services. Doddle, a click-and-collect service launched in 2014, has found success by placing itself within this audience’s…

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