GDR reviews… Burberry Makers House

30 September 2016 - Retail design, Retail trends

This year's London Fashion Week represented a real change in the tide as the ruthlessly exclusive fashion industry opened its doors to new technologies and millennial influencers. GDR Innovation Researcher Sophia Platts-Palmer visited Burberry's two-storey Makers…

GDR reviews… the new Warehouse flagship

21 September 2016 - Hospitality

British women’s fashion brand Warehouse has opened a new flagship store on London’s Argyle Street. Taking the company in a new direction, the space has been designed to celebrate the brands heritage and to reflect its…

Can customers create the perfect product?

16 September 2016 - Hospitality

GDR Innovation Researcher Martin Reid asks whether customers could provide the key to creating the 'perfect product'...  It’s obvious to say that customers have always had a role in influencing brand activity, whether through customer insight…

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