An announcement: GDR to present at NRF’s BIG Show 2017

Dec 19, 2016

GDR Creative Intelligence CEO Kate Ancketill writes:

I’m thrilled to be giving the trend keynote at the forthcoming National Retail Federation’s BIG Show 2017 next month in New York. With Amazon’s recent beta testing of its impressive Amazon Go concept, this is a hugely exciting time for physical retail. During 2016 I’ve been exploring the opportunities the present moment offers with board members at a range of companies including ASOS, Rolls Royce and Yahoo, and there’s alignment that some of this year’s developments represent a step-change in global retail.

This new period of rapid technological change, which some are calling the fourth industrial revolution, will transform society and our economy from root to branch, and the pace of change may disorient many consumers. This affords brands the chance to become allies with their customers, helping them to navigate through the multiplicity of new options to the products and experiences they need. Choice can be overwhelming, getting clear information can be difficult, and there are ever more demands on their time: a trusted brand can be their guide through this confusing and even threatening world.

Technology affords retailers new ways to integrate into the ecosystem of their clientele’s lives. From conversational interfaces to adaptable automation, and from artificial intelligence to hyperpersonalisation, there are a host of new ways that manufacturing and the customer journey can be more in tune with consumer needs. As the retail industry embraces this systemic change, there are huge opportunities for businesses to flourish; GDR will continue to bring these developments to light. 

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