8 of the best Valentine’s Day campaigns

Feb 14, 2020

While people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day today, we pick out the brand-led campaigns and executions that really stood out to us.

Valentine’s Day is one of many dates on the increasingly packed brand calendar that gives companies a hook to have playful engagements with their prospective and loyal customers alike.

While the majority of campaigns focus on little more than generating as much noise as possible, this year we’ve picked out eight of the best that offer something more meaningful.

In this article we explore three different tactics we’ve seen at play this year highlighting: companies who create brand-relevant environments to enjoy a romantic evening in, the ones creating unique, memorable stunts that carve out some relevance for themselves within the Valentine’s theme, and, finally, the brands looking to amplify their existing role in the day’s festivities.


Branded date night

Bumble’s Chez Moi Valentine’s Day dinner party

Female-first dating app Bumble has created a Valentine’s Day dinner party that is pitched as a fun and safe space to meet prospective partners. (Click here to read more)


Tastecard’s Self Love restaurant

Restaurant loyalty card Tastecard has used Valentine’s Day to celebrate a group usually excluded from the festivities – singletons. The Self Love restaurant seeks to address the taboo related to eating alone. (Click here to read more)


As You Wish at The Sixth

Chicago bar The Sixth has rebranded its cocktail menu around the classic 1980s movie The Princess Bride, which follows a quest for “True Love”. The cocktails and their names are inspired by characters and classic lines, creating a really clever platform for the bar to create something unique, while underlining their expertise. (Click here to read more)


More food for thought

KFC x Moonpig Valentine’s cards

KFC has teamed up with online greetings card specialists Moonpig to offer personalised ‘scratch and sniff’ Valentine’s cards that smell of the brand’s trademark fried chicken. (Click here to read more)


DoorDash Food is Forever

On-demand food delivery service DoorDash is doing its bit to comfort those who have been unlucky in love, by offering customers the chance to win bespoke food-focused tattoos to cover their regrettable artworks featuring the names of their exes. (Click here to read more)


Papa John’s x Snapchat AR

Papa John’s is promoting its heart-shaped Valentine’s Day feature through an AR Snapchat Lens, which lets customers order through the Snapchat app. (Click here to read more)


Building on the love

Love Twitter

Twitter is celebrating the role it plays in people’s love lives through a range of out-of-home adverts inspired by users’ humorous and cringeworthy love-related tweets and a pop-up in London’s Covent Garden called the #DatingTwitter Advice Bureau. (Click here to read more)


Lover Valentine Post Service

Last but by no means least, Royal Mail has set up a pop-up Post Office in the Gloucestershire village of Lover where visitors can have the envelopes of their Valentine’s cards stamped with “Sent from Lover”. (Click here to read more)

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